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RT @MadeByShape: New site launch:

August 15th 2017 15:39

7 useful hidden tips for #iOS mail!

August 15th 2017 08:23

Did you know that the first 1GB Hard Drive was announced by IBM in 1980 and was sold for $40,000?!! #FunFactFriday

August 11th 2017 11:12

Introducing the iNsync DL10 Charge and Sync case unit. . The iNsync DL10 is a compact iPad Air…

August 10th 2017 13:13

The iPhone 8 is rumoured to have #wireless charging!! Here's how that could be useful..

August 10th 2017 09:18

Take a look at the iNsync DU16 Charge and Sync desktop solution. . The universal desktop iNsync…

August 10th 2017 09:10

Take a look at our 'Explorer Case' range. . This is a range of waterproof/watertight cases made…

August 9th 2017 12:56

Take a look at this iPad 9.7" (2017) MAX Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Case. . . This is a fantastic…

August 8th 2017 13:59

RT @CNET: Your iPhone is going to get a significant makeover with iOS 11.

August 8th 2017 13:44

In case you didn't notice already we have now changed our #twitter name to @ParotecUK - just remember to use this name in all tweets! :)

August 8th 2017 13:43

RT @SENShowUK: Many amazing exhibitors including @besatweet @MadeByDyslexia @SutcliffePlay @Parotec_IT @MorrellsHand. Register now: https:/…

August 4th 2017 15:56

Did you know that 'TYPEWRITER' is the longest word you can make from letters that are on the same line of your keyboard?!! #FunFactFriday

August 4th 2017 10:27

Apple add more power and better camera to the #iPodTouch

August 3rd 2017 15:34

Take a look at the MINIX NEO Z83-4 a revolutionary TV box powered by #windows10.

August 3rd 2017 14:12

"I wish all my suppliers were so efficient" - More great feedback from one of our customers. Top quality service always!

August 3rd 2017 13:35

A few tips and tricks on how you can survive if you only have a 16GB iPhone.

August 3rd 2017 08:12

RT @SENShowUK: #tesSENshow is 2 months away! To celebrate we are holding a competition to win a SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB E! Just retweet and foll…

August 2nd 2017 14:52

RT @ParatSolutions: Apple Inadvertently 'Verifies' Several iPhone 8 Rumors via @forbes

August 1st 2017 15:15

Having our first #Bett meeting. Is it really that time already?!

August 1st 2017 08:51

18 Carts all packaged up and ready to be shipped out to one of our customers in #Europe !

August 1st 2017 08:26

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