Transport your equipment with ease and protection with Parotec’s Waterproof Cases

We all require protection for our devices and equipment and we do not want to see our valuable items in cases which claim to be protective but smash, scratch and still manage to destroy your items. At Parotec Solutions we can ensure you that when using our products this is something you will never have to worry about.

Offering a wide variety of Waterproof Cases each suitable for protecting specialist or expensive equipment from weather, dust and chemicals, Parotec are market leaders in Protective casing. 

When transferring high tech or expensive equipment from one place to another… even if it requires just leaving your vehicle, care is essential. The quality of your equipment can be affected by the elements, such as rain, dust and high temperatures. Putting your equipment at risk could end up costing you a fortune financially but also your business reputation could be affected. 

Parotec have the solution.  

Our Parotec Carry Cases are great for when it comes to transferring equipment. They are easy to carry because they are equipped with a soft, padded handle – meaning heavy items won’t be an issue to your hands. We supply them in a range of sizes from small to medium to suit your needs. 

Worried it still won’t be protective enough for your equipment? Our Parotec Carry Cases are manufactured to Military standards.

In addition, Parotec Solutions offer you Parotec Protective Cases with wheels, making life even easier when transferring your heavier equipment. It includes a slide out handle, which simply pulls up and enables you to transfer your equipment with ease, but packs away smartly for storage. 

This is not all Parotec have to offer - when it comes to Waterproof cases, we also supply Underwater Kinetic Cases in a variety of ranges. To find out more why not visit our website at www.parotecsolutions.co.uk you will be surprised at how protected your equipment really can be. 

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