Underwater Kinetics Cases – Don’t just take our word for it!

The range of Underwater Kinetic cases here at Parotec include Ultra, Mini and Load-out cases so you can be sure your equipment is always kept safe and protected. They are all designed to provide you with the ultimate protection from dust to water, and also has an outer shell moulded from ABS alloy to protect your equipment against any impact that may cause damage.

We know we have the right products for you, but don't just take our word for it. Read a range of reviews about our Underwater Kinetic Cases.

“I shopped around for a case that was portable, water resistant, and sturdy. This UK 308 UltraBox fits that bill. I usually keep this First Aid Kit in my Jeep, never know when you might need it. The 308 feels sturdy enough that I wouldn't sweat it if I dropped it on concrete and the water-resistance/o-ring gives me peace of mind if it fell into the lake when I take it on a boat trip (mind you, I've yet to test the water-resistance; I'll keep you posted if I ever capsize). It's pretty roomy, but keep in mind that if you overstuff it, it makes it harder to close the latch. It comes with a handy adjustable lanyard, and it's proudly made in the USA. No complaints here, highly recommend it for what I use it for.”

J.C (South-east, USA)

“I bought this dry box to protect an electronic device while canoeing. I am pleased with the overall construction. In particular, the latch runs almost the full length of the box .... meaning that it should be robust. The clear cover lets me operate the electronic meter and view it while the box is closed. I would buy Underwater Kinetics products again.”

E. Martin (Virginia Beach, VA)

As you can see from the testimonials above, the ways in which people are using our waterproof cases are  very different. From emergency first aid kits used by the hardened traveller, to the electronic device stored on a canoe... You are unique and your business is unique, and so you need to use the right product for your needs.

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